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I mainly use 3mm thick foam that comes in 12×18 inch sheets. 5mm thick foam is great for belt pouches and other simple shapes that you want to be more sturdy, but it can be difficult to cut complicated curves out of. 2mm foam can be great for intricate detail pieces. (In general, the thinner the foam- the easier it is to cut, the thicker- the harder. 3mm thick is best for most of my items.) Also popular among costumers who make thicker armor pieces are interlocking exercise floor mats, which can be found at most hardware stores, although if you plan on using the building techniques found in my tutorials I would strongly recommend that you do not use foam that is thicker than 5mm, as it is simply too thick beyond that point to cut out small shapes smoothly and cleanly with scissors, and knives don’t work well for tight curves. Instead, if you want a particular part of your costume or prop to be extra-thick, cut out several layers of thinner foam and then glue them together.

Hobby Lobby: (2mm, 3mm, and 5mm thick 12×18″ sheets)…

Wandy-foam: (1-6mm, 12×18″ and larger sheets, international shipping)…

Joann Fabric and Crafts: (2-3mm and large 2mm roll)…foam%20sheets

Michaels Arts and Crafts: (2-3mm and large 2mm roll)…sheets

There are also various sites that offer giant rolls if you ever need to make significantly bigger items, like: and




I use a variety of super glues for most of my projects. Rhino Glue is a great all-purpose super glue, I also like Fastcap 2p-10 (also try out their extra micro tip nozzels), and the Krazy Glue brush. Also popular with foam fabricators is contact cement and hot glue.

Rhino Glue: or

Fastcap 2p-10: or

Krazy Glue Brush:

Loctite Super Glue:

Contact Cement:

Hot Glue Gun:




Scissors: (general cutting)

(small detail cutting)

(Scissors with an extra sharp blade- for cutting thick or hard materials like velcro, webbing or canvas, etc):

Knife: X-Acto

Extra blades:

Cutting Mat


Heat Gun

Rotary Punch

Hole punch set


Cloth Tape Measure

PVC Pipe Cutter or

Sizzix Paddle Square Punch: (for new 52 belt pouch holes, look for “#2”)

Pens: Pilot G2 (good general purpose pen)

Space pen: (great for tracing onto foam. get a “fine” point refill as well)

Painting and Finishing 


Acrylic Paints: (I like Americana, Delta Ceramcoat, and Liquitex)

Spray Paints

Easy trigger tool for spray cans:

Benjamin Moore Aura: (great as a base coat)

Mod Podge: (a sealer)

Plasti-dip: (rubberized coating) and



chicago screw


Strapworks: (webbing, buckles, velcro, elastic)

County Brook: (webbing, buckles, velcro, elastic)

Gimp: (free image editing program)

Poster board paper: (for templates) or… or

Goggles: (for glue fumes and dremel sanding)

Dust Mask: (dremel sanding)

Chicago Screws…


PVC Pipe

Formufit (great site for high quality PVC pipe and fittings that come in a variety of colors):

Mannequin Dress Form Torso and Head (very helpful when making chest/shoulder armor, helmets, etc):

Smooth On (great source for everything mold making and casting):

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