Buy 2 Templates Get a Third One Free Info

Buy two templates and get a third one free! When you add any 3 templates to your cart, one of the 3 will automatically be marked free. (If the 3 templates have different prices, the discount will apply to the lowest priced of the 3)

This deal can be used as many times as you want, and will also work multiple times in a single order (Buy 4 get 2, buy 6 get 3 ,etc).

*Tip: If you are purchasing 3 or more $5 templates in the same order as 1 or more $1 templates, add all of the $5 templates to your cart first to ensure the coupon correctly applies the free discount to one of those instead of one of the $1 templates.

Let me know if you have any questions about the deal or if it doesn’t work properly for you when placing an order.

If you purchased 2 or more templates in the last few weeks but didn’t get a third free one, simply reply to your order email to let me know which additional template you would like to be sent.

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