You can do it!


The biggest thing I really hope to convey with all my tutorials is that while the end result of each item may look different, the process, techniques, tips, tools, materials, etc, are pretty much all the same. I hope to instill confidence more than any specific set of instructions. You guys and gals can do this! It’s really not hard at all! Don’t be afraid to just jump in and get started on the project you are thinking of. Use the tutorials to learn the basics, and then start getting your hands dirty with glue, paint, foam dust, and sweat to learn the specifics that really come best from experience. You’re not going to get it perfect on your first try. But keep trying! You will very quickly improve as foam work is easy and quite forgiving. Seek out more info and ask for help when you get stuck on a particular problem. But most importantly, just get started. You will probably be surprised at how quickly and easily it all comes together. You can do it!

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