Fun For The Whole Family- Resizing Templates

With Halloween fast approaching, I’ve received several messages from awesome parents who are making costumes for their kids, wondering if my templates can be scaled down to fit children.  And the answer is yes! In the print dialog box in Adobe Reader (the program that naturally opens these PDF files) there is an option to scale by percentage. If you use a cloth tape measure to measure your own waist (or an average adult waist size) as well as your child’s waist size, you can use the two measurements to get the approximate percentage you will need to scale the templates down to when printing. (For example, if your waist is 35 inches and your child’s is 20 inches, you would scale to 57%) (child’s size divided by adult’s size times 100)  You can do the same thing with wrist measurements for the gauntlets. It may take a little trial and error but shouldn’t take too long.

print scaling

For others who would like to make the templates larger instead, you can do this using the “Poster” option in the dialog box, and scaling up to the desired percentage (120%, 150%, etc).

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