Young Justice Robin Utility Belt

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I was commissioned by a customer to make a Young Justice Robin belt. After designing a template, I cut the shapes out of  3 and 5mm thick eva foam sheets. For the round buckle, I found a toy plastic ball from the local craft store and cut it in half (it was hallow and easy to cut), and then used a heat gun to stretch a layer of foam sheet over the ball and glued the edges of the foam to a base layer of foam under the ball. Everything was hand painted with acrylic paint. The pouches attach to the belt with chicago screws, and a length of polypropylene webbing was glued to the back of the belt for extra durability. A velcro strap was made to secure the belt from the back, and more webbing was used to make the baton straps.

icm_fullxfull.40099813_7heohutk6bwoccow840g (Small)

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I also made the customer an alternative set of much slimmer, decorative pouches that could be swapped in and worn when he didn’t need to hold anything in the belt.

6 (Medium) (Small)The template for the belt is available here.

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