‘The Batman’ and Animated Series Utility Belts

1e (Medium) (Small)
1ee (Medium) (Small)

The two cartoon Batman belts were made of long 5mm foam backers with 3mm and 5mm decorative design pieces glued on top. I glued nylon webbing onto the backs and added velcro for fastening. Both were hand painted with acrylic. Also, while gluing on the webbing,  I held the belts in a bent position in order to have them retain some curvature after the glue dried.

Wallpapers-the-batman-21966921-1024-768 (Small)
Untitled (Small)

IMG_1638 (Small)
IMG_1801 (Small)

4 (Large) (Small)
5 (Medium) (Small)
IMG_5821 (Small)

1 (Small)
6 (Medium) (Small)
7 (Large) (Small)

Templates for both are available here.

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