Spider-Carnage Razor Fingers and Web Cartridge Wrist Guards

1e (Medium) (Small)
1e guards (Small)

I was commissioned a little while back to make some Spider-Carnage razor fingers and web cartridge arm guards.

pic from jon 1 (Small)
pic from jon 2 (Small)

I based the fingers on an origami-style finger extension. I made a paper template first and then cut them out of 3 and 5mm thick foam. To make the bottom of the fingers look a little more finished I wrapped and glued a length of polypropylene webbing around them.

fingers (Medium) (Small)

IMG_5523 (Medium) (Small)
2 (Medium) (Small) (2)

I made a makeshift painting stand for them out of cardboard and paint brushes, gave them a red base coat and then some black vein details.

IMG_5799 (Small)
5 (Small)
4 (Small)
IMG_5812 (Small)

3 (Small)


For the wrist guards I again made a paper template first and then cut the cartridges out of 5mm foam. I glued all the pieces onto polypropylene webbing and added velcro straps to fasten then together, then painted with a metallic silver acrylic paint.

2 (Medium) (Small)
IMG_5794 (Small)

IMG_5788 (Small)


The templates for both items are in the shop now here.


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