Sinestro Corps Gauntlets

1e (Medium) (Small)

Green Lantern (Small)

I was commissioned to make a pair of Sinestro Corps gauntlets. I started by making a paper template and then cutting the shapes out of 3mm eva foam and gluing them together with super glue. When gluing on velcro to the inside edges, I held the foam in a bent position so that it would retain a bit of a curve when it dried. This way the ends continued the curvature of the rest of the gauntlets when closed, instead of pointing outwards in a “V” shape, as often happens otherwise if they are left completely flat. They were hand painted with acrylics.

2 (Small)
IMG_4585 (Small)
IMG_4836 (Small)

6 (Medium) (Small)
4 (Small)

4 alt (Small)

The template is available here.

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