Owlman Gauntlets, Belt, and Leg Guards

1 (Medium) (2) (Small)

$_10 (Small)

I was commissioned to make a pair of Owlman gauntlets and leg guards as well as one of my new 52 bat belts with a custom Owlman buckle. I made paper templates first and then cut the shapes out of 3 and 5mm eva foam and glued them together with super glue. The leg guards are basically just wider, taller versions of the gauntlets. I glued the layers of the buckle together while holding a bend in the foam so that it would retain a curve after drying. Everything was hand painted with acrylic.

3 (Large) (Small)
IMG_3969 (Small)

IMG_3986 (Small)
2 (Small)

IMG_4150 (Small)
IMG_4142 (Small)
IMG_4181 (Small)

1 (Small)

The templates for the gauntlets and belt buckle are available in the shop here.

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