New 52 Batman Utility Belt version 2

new 1e (Medium) (Small)

I was commissioned to make a more three-dimensional version of my older 52 bat belt, so I created some more realistic looking pouches and placed a small scrap piece of foam inside them before gluing them closed in order to give them some depth and curvature; as if there were something inside them. I also found a cool square punch tool (ebay link) that made cutting out the little squares on the pouches super easy. All the pieces of the buckle were cut out separately from 5mm foam and then glued together. The pouches and buckle were glued directly onto a length of nylon webbing using super glue and velcro was added at the back to fasten the belt.

IMG_3014 (Small)
IMG_3039 (Small)

IMG_3371 (Small)
IMG_4229 (Small)

IMG_4237 (Small)
IMG_3097 (Small)

I wanted to see how it would look in different colors so I made a photoshop mock-up:

Final color swatches (Medium) (Small)

The template is available here.

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