Green Power Ranger Gauntlets

1e (Medium) (Small)

A while back I was commissioned by a customer to make a pair of green Power Ranger gauntlets based on the design of my new 52 Batman gauntlets. We played around with a few different designs that incorporated elements of both gauntlets before ultimately deciding to go with a more traditional green ranger design. I made a paper template and cut all the shapes out of 3mm eva foam. Ideally I would want to paint the green spikes and gold band separately before gluing it all together, but because of the particular design of these gauntlets I had to glue everything together first. When you glue together several layers of foam, the resulting block of foam will be quite rigid and won’t want to bend. If there aren’t any complicated design elements on the item, you can glue the layers together while holding them in a curved position, and it will retain that curved shape after the glue dries. But if there are complicated design elements that would become distorted and misaligned if glued while bent, it’s best to glue all the layers flat first, and then use a heat gun to gradually bend it into the correct shape. SO, that’s what I had to do in this instance and then when painting I had to mask off all the different colored shapes with tape, which works, but takes much longer and doesn’t produce as clean lines as painting everything separately would. I used regular acrylic paint from the local hobby store. Velcro was added to the inside for fastening them closed.

ranger3 (Small)
ranger4 (Small)

IMG_4355 (Small)
1 (Small)
3 (Small)

4 (Small)
5 (Small)

3 (Medium) (Small)
IMG_4417 (Small)

The template for the gauntlets is available here.

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