Captain America Winter Soldier Utility Belt

ws-cap-belt (Small)

After designing a template for the Captain America WS belt, I cut all the shapes out of 3 and 5mm eva foam. The buckle is a very simple three flat shapes of 5mm foam glued together with super glue. The pouches attach to the belt with chicago screws, a length of polypropylene webbing was glued to the back of the belt, and velcro was added to secure it at the back. It was all hand painted with brown and metallic silver acrylic paint. After painting I sprayed on a couple coats of clear plasti-dip to protect the finish and make it a little more durable.

1ee (Small)

IMG_5310 (Small)
IMG_5315 (Small)

IMG_5319 (Small)
IMG_5209 (Small)

The template for the belt is available here.

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