Batwoman Gauntlets and Utility Belt

1 (Medium) (Small)
1edits2 (Medium) (Small)

 I was commissioned to make a set of Batwoman gauntlets and a utility belt. I found some pre-made pouches online and built a simple two-layer foam base for the belt. Everything was then mounted onto nylon webbing and hand painted with acrylic. A plastic buckle was used to fasten it at the back.

2 (Large) (Small)
IMG_1396 (Small)
IMG_1397 (Small)

6 (Medium) (Small)
7 (Small)

For the gauntlets I made a paper template first and then cut each separate design layer out of 3mm foam and painted with acrylic.

paper model (Small)

1 (Large) (Small)
IMG_3856 (Small)

Another customer wanted one painted yellow for a Batgirl costume.

1 (Small)

The template for the gauntlets is available here:

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