1989 Batman Utility Belt

1e (Medium) (Small)

A couple pics of the build process for the 1989 Keaton Style Batman utility belt. Several flat layers of 3 and 5mm eva foam, backed with nylon webbing, hand painted with metallic acrylic.

2 (Small)
IMG_1318 (Small)
5 (Small)
7 (Large) (Small)
6 (Large) (Small)
IMG_0900 (Medium) (Small)
IMG_3863 (Small)
6edit (Large) (Small)
4edite (Large) (Small)
4 (Small)

IMG_4243 (Large) (Small)


One customer asked for an 89 belt with some functional pouches:

belt (Small)


The template for the belt is available in the shop here.

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