1966 Batman Utility Belt

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I was commissioned to make the classic 66 bat belt. I made a template for the pouches and buckle and built them up from flat layers of eva foam. I first tried making the canisters out of eva as well but eventually decided to use 1/2″ pvc pipe for them instead. I had a hard time finding a yellow paint that covered the original color of the foam well, but eventually discovered the great Benjamin Moore Aura which not only has excellent hide but it also provides an incredibly smooth finish. It really made it look like the belt was made out of smooth vinyl fabric instead of foam. Aura can be a little tricky to use though because it dries so fast. Mix in some paint extender if needed to slow it down a bit. The buckle was painted with metallic acrylic. I glued on a length of polypropylene webbing to the back of the belt for durability and added velcro for fastening.

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belt 1 (Large) (Small)

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The template for the belt is available here.

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