90’s Cyclops Belt Build

Here are some pics from a recent build of my 90’s Cyclops belt template:

The belt was made primarily out of 3mm and 5mm eva foam sheets. For painting, I started with white primer ( I might also recommed using white foam instead of black as a lot of yellow paint is so transparent it can be hard to cover the black), smooth and base coat with sunshine Aura, then a couple coats of Folkart medium yellow, some initial airbrush weathering with Americana bright orange, then more weathering with Spectra tex light brown. The red was System 3 cadmium red.

The template for the belt can be purchased here: thefoamcave.com/product/Template-for-cyclops-belt

Awesome Ant-Man Costume!

I received some pics a customer sent me of his recently finished Ant-Man costume, including the belt I made while making my Ant-Man belt template and tutorial. I think it came out fantastic, and I thought you all would enjoy seeing it as well. Keep up the great work Marc!




Cosplayer: Marc Morisseau,  Photography: Nikolaus Evangelista,  Helmet: Scott Lang Paul (modified by Marc), Suit: thejacketmaker.com,  Boots: Amazon.com – Black Oneal riding boots (custom painted),  Tequin jogging lights (red) epoxied on the heels,  Gloves: Overstock.com – Harley-Style Black Leather Winter Gloves,  Glove top pieces: Amazon.com

Begins Belt Pouch and Canister Template

DSC_1005 (med)

I recently made a set of pouches and canisters for my old Begins/Dark Knight Batman belt. The pouches are over-sized a bit as they were intended to hold a specific set of batarangs (these here if you are curious: ebay.com/itm/32191219...) (search ebay for “batman money clip” when that link dies). The pouches were made out of 5mm foam and the canisters out of 2mm foam wrapped around a wooden dowel.

DSC_0938 (Large) (Medium)
pouches (Medium)

DSC_0997(medium) (Medium)

Here is the template I made if you would like to build these yourself.